We pride ourselves on a multi-disciplinary team approach, with our specialist therapists working together to design an individualised service approach with you to assist children aged 7+.

Therapy Services

Speech Therapy

Personalised assessment and intervention supporting speech and language development, communication (including augmentative and alternative communication), social skill development and mealtime and feeding support for children with swallowing difficulties or fussy eaters.


Providing expert knowledge, assessment and intervention to support children achieving mobility and participation in their home and community. Therapists will assess for and prescribe splinting and equipment when it is necessary as well as support its implementation. They consider all areas of the child’s development and how it relates to their gross motor play, sport/recreation and fitness.


Helps build on child’s developmental level to enhance skills improvement, emotional regulation and assess behavioural concerns. Supports positive relationships, overcoming challenges and managing change transitions.

Occupational Therapy

Incorporate therapy programs and interventions into your everyday activities through positive routines, independence in self-care, developing fine-motor, play and social skills, assisting emotional regulation, concentration and sensory processing, as well as prescribing home modifications to improve physical access and safety.

Social Work

Family based assessments and plans to meet diverse needs that can include adapting together in light of challenges, sibling support, problem solving, solutions to complex issues and everyday challenges, crisis support, liaison with critical services and transitioning through change for example at school.

Developmental Education

Fostering the skills, independence and quality of life of children through developmental and behaviour assessment, functional life skills development (including social skills, play, communication, self-care and daily living), community inclusion, transition support, specialist support coordination and counselling.

Specialist Assessment

Kudos services also offers:

  • Behaviour Intervention and Support
  • Transition Support
  • Equipment and Assistive Technology
  • Child and Family Wellbeing
  • Groups and Programs