Kudos Services is a bold, brave and ambitious organisation for children, young people and adults living with a disability and their families.

As a community of the most highly skilled and experienced therapists and support staff, together we exist to support and celebrate all people living with a disability, from early intervention to ongoing therapy.


The name Kudos was chosen because these achievements small and large need to be recognised, admired and celebrated.

Established in 2018, Kudos Services is an employee-led mutual, owned and driven by its members, including a wide range of highly skilled allied health professionals. This enables us to have an unmatched focus on the achievements of all people within our community of care.

We are a fully integrated service provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and a one-stop-shop for assessment and care planning, as well as therapeutic services including occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, social work and developmental education.

We encourage parents and care givers, grandparents, teachers and mentors to get involved in the Kudos Services community, enabling them to share in the benefits of being a part of our community of care.


Our Purpose

We help children, young people, adults and their families feel empowered, enabling them to achieve positive (+) outcomes and be able to live their best lives.




We are a highly skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team of child and youth therapists, sharing best practice techniques with our community of children and young people and their families or caregivers to achieve results together.


We are a group of like-minded and purposeful people with a shared passion for improving the lives of children and young people.


We are bold, innovative and brave, driven to do things differently through our Australian first mutual model of integrated service delivery.


We will inspire and care for each other, take pride in our achievements through mutual celebration and ensure everyone in our community – therapists, children and families – are valued and appreciated.

On this page

We are built on the belief that every person with a disability and their family, has the right to belong to a supportive community that understands them and is completely focused on their unique ability to achieve the best that is possible.