Therapy Services

We provide hands-on therapy and behaviour support services focused on children (7+) and young people living with a disability.

Therapy Services


As a registered provider of support under the NDIS, we offer a wide range of services for children (7+) and young people, providing a one-stop-shop for assessment and care planning as well as therapeutic services.


Community-based approach
No matter where, Kudos cares’ is our community-based approach in South Australia – Adelaide Metro and Country (Whyalla & Port Augusta) – we support our clients in their home, community or in our offices, and we can also provide adapted therapy sessions via video-chat and on the phone.


Genuine care
You know the African proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’? Kudos Services version is ‘it takes a #CommunityOfCare for children and young people to feel supported, have positive experiences and live a good life.’


Specialisation and knowledge
To support our clients on achieving their goals, we use the collective knowledge and experience of Kudos’ high skilled & multidisciplinary team of occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers, developmental educators and positive behaviour support practitioners.
Our team is prepared to handle complex cases, with years of experience driving our service-with-heart.


Partnership approach
We enjoy working in partnership with clients and their families, their community, and other members of their support network.


Specialist Services

Kudos Services offers the following specialist assessment services:

  • Therapy
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Specialist Support Coordination
  • Coordination of Supports


Therapy Team

We work together as a team, building relationships, assessments, and interventions to help achieve goals and to evaluate how everyone involved is experiencing the service and the benefit of their therapy and support.

As an organisation who values evidenced-based intervention, our therapists and practitioners are supported by a skilled group of in-house clinical experts for coaching, training and supervision.


Meet the TEAM.

Speech Therapy

Our team provides personalised assessment and intervention supporting speech and language development, communication, social skill development, and mealtime and feeding support for children and young people with swallowing difficulties, or fussy eaters.

Occupational Therapy

Our team will help you to incorporate therapy programs and interventions into your (or your child’s) everyday activities, through positive routines, independence in self-care, and the development of fine-motor, play and social skills.

They will also assist in developing emotional control, concentration and sensory processing, as well as prescribing home modifications to improve physical access and safety.


Our team will help to build on the child or young person’s developmental level to enhance skills improvement, emotional regulation and assess behavioural concerns.

Our psychologists will support you and/or your child to develop positive relationships, to overcome challenges and manage change transitions.


Our team will take time to understand your unique needs, and will walk with you and your family every step of the way.

Our team will travel through the client’s life journey together with their families or caregivers. Our passionate and experienced Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) practitioners will take time to understand your unique needs, and will walk with you and your family every step of the way.

For us, PBS is all about improving quality of life.

(Specialist) Support Coordination

Our team can help the participant with developing a plan and tools to adapt to challenges, improve problem solving and getting all the supports working together.

We strengthen participants’ abilities to coordinate and implement supports and participate more fully in the community. This can include ensure a mix of supports are used to increase a participant’s capacity to maintain relationships, live more independently, and manage challenges in their support environment and ensure consistent delivery of service.


Our team will work with you (or your child) to assess their mobility needs and provide interventions where needed. This includes assessment and prescription for splinting, equipment and implementation support.

Our physiotherapists will also consider how your/their development relates to their gross motor play, sport, recreation and fitness goals.


Our DEs will work with you, your family and caregivers, and any other allied health professionals as needed, to help with behaviour and functional assessments, teaching life skills, supporting health and wellbeing, including emotional regulation skills, and much more!


Our therapeutic social workers can help your child or young person adapt to challenges, improve problem-solving and get all of their supports working together.

Also, they can support your family’s transition through major periods of change, for example when starting or finishing school.

They’ve become family. Thankyou…thankyou for everything. Even though my household is one crazy household, she still comes.

Melissa, mum of Kudos client Curtis (9 years old)

Thank you for the Kudos Services for helping us and teaching Bidya every type of accents and even the pronunciation, even coping activities, how to cope with others.

Hem, dad of Kudos client Bidya (11 years old)


Kudos Services is a community of allied health professionals providing specialist therapeutic supports for people with a disability from 7 years of age. Contact us today.

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