Developmental Education

NDIS Developmental Education for children and young people

Our Developmental educators are NDIS registered and work with children and young people across Adelaide in a multidisciplinary approach developing and strengthening their skills and abilities, in order to enhance their wellbeing and independence. If your child or young adult has Developmental Education in their NDIS plan our educators can effectively support your child or young person’s development to improve their quality of life.

Developmental Education

Developmental Education with Kudos

When you work with Kudos, we become part of your team and you become part of ours. No matter where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow, our friendly and experienced team is on your team and we’re here to help.

If your child or young person has Developmental Education in their NDIS plan, a carefully matched member of our developmental education team can work with them to help them achieve their learning goals. Our developmental educator will assess their developmental needs and create a unique program to enhance their social and life skills, behavioural and emotional management. With this plan in place, they will work to support your team so that everyone can effectively support your child or young person’s development.

Every child and young person we work with has a program tailored to their unique needs. We meet you wherever works best for you – home, school or even the park. Our team also includes positive behaviour support practitioners, occupational therapists, specialist support coordinators and other specialists who work together closely to support you when needed.

Get in touch to find out more about our specialist services or to book an appointment with one of our friendly therapists. Please contact us here or send an email to [email protected].


What is your availability for Developmental Education?
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You can access our live availability dashboard here. It shows all services across all areas. If we don’t currently have availability in your area you can share your details and we’ll contact you when there is availability.

What’s the difference between Developmental Educational and Occupational Therapy?
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Occupational Therapy (OT) and Developmental Education (DE) are two different professions that focus on helping individuals with disabilities or developmental delays to achieve their full potential.

Developmental education (DE) is a profession that focuses on providing educational and developmental support to individuals with intellectual, developmental, or learning disabilities. Developmental Educators work with individuals and their relevant stakeholders to develop and enhance their cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioural skills through individualised instruction and support.

Some key differences between Occupational Therapists (OTS) and Developmental Educators (DEs) include:

  • Focus: OT focuses on prompting functional independence, whereas DE focuses on enhancing cognitive and developmental skills
  • Training: OTs are trained to provide medical and therapeutic interventions, whereas DEs are trained in behaviours and developmental support
  • Demographic: OTs work with individuals across the lifespan, including children, adults, and seniors, whereas DEs primarily work with children and young adults
  • Settings: OTs work in a variety of healthcare and community settings including hospitals, clinics, schools, and rehabilitation centres. DEs primarily work in educational settings, specialised clinics, and care facilities

Both disciplines play important roles in helping individuals with disabilities achieve their full potential. The choice between the two professions will depend on the specific needs of the individual and their goals for therapeutic intervention.

What are the main things a Developmental Educator will do?
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Developmental Educators promote individualised instructions, guidance, and support to help individuals develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioural skills.

Here are some of the main things a DE may do:

  • Assessments: Conduct assessments to identify individual strengths, needs, and goals. These assessments may include:
    • Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scale
    • Adaptive Behaviour Assessment (ABAS)
    • Sensory Profiles
    • Functional Capacity Assessments
    • Functional Behavioural Assessments
  • Develop Individualised Plans: Based on an assessment, a DE may develop a plan, which includes measurable goals and objects that align with the individual’s strengths and needs.
  • Teach Skills: Work one-on-one to teach skills that support an individual’s independence, learning and socialisation. This may include social, self-help, and daily living skills.
  • Implement Behavioural Interventions: A DE may implement behaviour strategies for individuals with challenging behaviours. This includes interventions for positive reinforcement, behaviour modification and sensory regulation.
  • Collaborate with other Professionals: DEs often collaborate with other disciplines such as occupational therapists, speech pathologists and psychologists.
  • Provide Family support: DEs may also provide guidance to families and caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities. They offer strategies and resources for managing behaviours, communication, daily living tasks, as well as emotional support and advocacy.
What age do you provide Developmental Education for?
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We work with children aged 9+, teenagers, and adults. Our primary focus is children and young people; however, we are starting to expand our services to support adult clients. As a team, we work together with our Intake Lead to ensure we can match your needs to a suitable Developmental Educator who can help you or your loved one meet their specific goals.

I have Developmental Education in my NDIS plan, what information do you need?
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As an NDIS provider of support, we work with clients who have an approved NDIS plan. Our support is provided under the ‘Capacity Building Support – Improved Daily Living’ funding line within a client’s plan.

For further information about this NDIS funding, you can refer to https://www.ndis.gov.au/participants/using-your-plan/managing-your-plan/support-budgets-your-plan

Would your Developmental Educator work with others at Kudos?
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We always communicate with the person’s whole team –  it is important to work together to share our strategies and ideas to make sure that the child or young person is supported by everyone around them. This can include teachers, parents, grandparents, other health professionals or support workers – the best support happens when we have everyone working together.

How do I get started with Kudos?
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To get in touch with our friendly team you can contact us here or send an email to [email protected].

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