Kudos Services welcomes your feedback to help us understand your experience, and to better meet the needs of the children and families in the community.



We love to know when the Kudos Team have met your expectations and supported you so well you want to share it. Please contact us if you have a compliment to share for a specific person or team you’ve worked with at Kudos.


Unfortunately we may sometimes not meet your expectations. When this happens we encourage you to let us know through our complaints process. We want to rectify the situation with you and we are always looking to improve the standard of service to you.

To provide feedback, whether it be a compliment or a complaint, please contact us by phone or email:

NDIS EC (0-8) Partner in the Community

1800 931 190
[email protected]

Therapy Services (9+)

(08) 8348 6500
[email protected]