Employee-led Mutual

Kudos Services is an employee-led mutual, formed when our team of public service professionals joined together to create a new organisation to deliver National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) and Therapy services in South Australia.

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Our structure

The owners and drivers of our organisation are the highly skilled therapists and staff who work within it. This enables us to have an unmatched focus on the achievements of all people within our community of care.

As a cooperative community, Kudos Services exists to support and celebrate every child, young person and adult with a disability, from early intervention to ongoing therapy.


What is a mutual?

A mutual is a group of people who come together to meet a common economic, cultural or social need.

Mutuals grew rapidly in the United Kingdom following the industrial revolution in the early nineteenth century. Known as ‘friendly societies’ they were committed to self-help in the welfare of working people. Cooperatives and mutuals now exist all around the world.

In Australia, the turnover of the top 100 Cooperative and Mutual Enterprises (CMEs) in 2018 was $31.9b and employment in CMEs accounted for around 1% of all employment in the country*. Mutuals and cooperatives provide meaningful jobs and social and economic empowerment for their members and their communities.

Kudos Services is a proud member of the Business Council for Cooperatives and Mutuals. Find out more about CMEs and the value of mutuals to their members, the community and the economy by visiting the BCCM website.

*National Mutual Economy Report 2019 – BCCM


Annual Report

At the first AGM held on 18 October 2019, members were presented with Kudos Services’ first Annual Report. This report highlights our employee-led mutual’s achievements and operations of 2018-19. You can read about our service delivery outcomes, membership and governance, financial reports, reports from our CEO and Foundation Board Chair and more.

Click the below link to see the report.

Annual Report 2018 – 2019


Strategic Plan

Kudos Services’ 2020 vision has been built on four key strategic directions that will guide our broad strategy for the next two years.

In 2020-21 we will be focussed on our strategic priorities to continue to consolidate our quality services, member culture, and community of care while working towards a progressive future.

Click the link below to see the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan 2020-21

We are a bold, highly skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team of therapists, sharing best practice techniques with our community to achieve results together.