Hydrotherapy Now Available


We are thrilled to announce as part of expanding our physiotherapy services in the north, we have now commenced hydrotherapy sessions at the Elizabeth Aquadome.

Hydrotherapy can be of significant benefit (and fun) to our young people, particularly those who present with the following:

High muscle tone (as often seen in cerebral palsy) –

Hydrotherapy can improve muscle flexibility, motor function, and range of movement.

Low muscle tone –

Targeted water-based exercise can improve functional strength, muscular endurance, postural control, and core stability.

Sensory regulation issues (as often seen in ASD) –

Hydrotherapy can help to improve sensory processing and reduce over-stimulation (through the sensory/pressure effects of immersion).

Developmental delays –

Targeted water-based exercise can work to improve dynamic balance, coordination, and motor planning.

Confidence/motivational challenges –

Hydrotherapy can be a great alternative to land-based exercise, helping to build confidence and intrinsic motivation to be active.

📍 Elizabeth Aquadome, 1 Crockerton Rd, Elizabeth 5112

📍 State Swim Seaford, 3/5 Cascade Dr, Seaford SA 5169


To see how hydrotherapy can assist you book in to speak with one of our physiotherapists.


Sessions are 30 minutes and clients are billed for 1 hour at the standard physiotherapy rate (this accounts for the relevant preparation/administration).