World Social Work Day 2020

World Social Work Day 2020

The theme for World Social Work Day 2020 is Promoting the importance of human relationships.

Relationships matter: our quality of life, our happiness, and our ability to cope during tough times are directly related to the degree we feel connected to others and can rely on them for support. Social work is essentially about relationships: building positive relationships with clients, showing empathy and compassion, developing trust – this is what social workers do best. Relationships are complex and require an awareness of “self”. For social workers, relational capacity means thinking about how our own beliefs, values, and behaviors combined with professional rules and regulations influence the relationships we have.

At Kudos we support our children, young people and families to learn skills that are key to building and maintaining relationships including; social skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, negotiation, problem-solving, listening, assertiveness and decision making skills.

Social workers of Kudos have a lot to be proud of and to celebrate; we should acknowledge that the contribution of social workers to children, families, and communities is great. We have been a resilient, competent and compassionate group of people who keep the interest of our clients and #communityofcare at the heart of our practice.

The Australian Association of Social Workers says Social Workers provide key supports to address the inequities of the world’s most vulnerable individuals, families, and communities. They work in a wide range of areas, including mental health, family violence, child abuse, aged care, disability, housing, drug and alcohol, and in doing so, advocate for a fairer society. Social workers in Australia and the world over, make a positive difference.

Kudos To You!