Enhance Your Child’s Development Through Play

Playgroup connects children, families and communities through play.


Recent research shows that participating in playgroup before starting school makes a difference to children’s early development and school readiness.

Benefits of playgroup

  • Opportunities for a child to learn about the world, play with other children and develop social skills.
  • Parents and children can play and learn together, which supports healthy brain and skill development.
  • Playgroups create a space where parents and caregivers can spend time and share experiences with their children, so can enhance relationships through play.
  • Develop social networks and encourage a sense of belonging.

Play is for everyone

There are many different types of playgroups to connect with in South Australia and Kudos Early Childhood Practitioners can support families to find out more about playgroups in their local community.

Community Playgroups

Community playgroups where families meet each week with their babies, toddlers and preschoolers (0-6) for interaction and fun. Community playgroups typically meet weekly for up to 2 hours in venues such as community centres, halls, churches, parks and schools.

🔎 Find a Playgroup – Playgroup SA

All playgroups registered with Playgroup SA can access Inclusion Awareness training and support, which is beneficial for all families and supports playgroups to be accessible and inclusive for families and children with a disability, developmental delay or needing support.



Learning Together Playgroups (term time only):

A supported playgroup with a ‘learning through play’ focus, which supports the development and wellbeing of both parents and children by providing opportunities for parents to meet and share experiences and for children to play, learn and socialise.


Playgroups supported by Speech Pathologists and/or Occupational Therapists

Support staff and parents in promoting children’s development.


Please enquire with your local Children’s Centre, Preschool or school about availability.


Supported playgroups for children with a disability or developmental delay


Down Syndrome SA – Down Syndrome Australia – Playgroups for families and children (0-5) with Down Syndrome and other chromosomal disorders.

SIES – Statewide Inclusive Education Services – Playgroups for families to meet other families with children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing.

PlayConnect & Supported Playgroups – Playgroup SA – PlayConnect + playgroups are open to all children with disability and/or developmental delay aged 0-8 years, their families, carers and siblings. No diagnosis is required. All sessions are facilitated by qualified professionals.

Supported Playgroups – Playgroup SA – Supported playgroups where the coordinators have participated in additional training and support around disability and inclusion in a playgroup setting.


Multicultural playgroups support families to connect and share language and culture.

Play is a fun activity that reaps serious rewards. It helps improve children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

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