List of Books for Children


We love books and the power of reading that can take us to other places, introduce us to new people and show us the magic of story-telling.

You might like to explore this wonderful book list with the children or young people in your life. With 93 suggestions covering topics like feelings, friendships, families and understanding ourselves and world, we hope you are able to find some book ideas for your family to enjoy and learn from.


Here are our Quick 5 books from the list:

1. The Fearsome, Frightening and Ferocious Box (2013, Harper Collins)
By Frances Watts and illustrated by David Legge

Age Group: 6-10 years
Topics: anxiety, feelings, fear, worry and bravery

What’s in the box that has such a ferocious group of animals so afraid to open it? Great example of fear because of your thinking, not what you know, and the anticipation being worse than the actual event. This could then lead to talking about the child’s own box and what things make them fearful and relating reality testing back to the book examples.


2. The Dream Keeper(2006,Penguin Young Readers Group)
By Robert Ingpen

Age Group: 7-10 years
Topics: anxiety, dreams, nightmares and emotional regulation skills

This story will appeal to those who like witches, goblins and other fantasy creatures. It is written as a letter to the authors’ granddaughter in which he explains how the dream
keeper keeps her dreams safe. Complex illustrations mean this book appeals to older children. Useful for children experiencing nightmares, or fear of the dark.


3. Whoever you are (1997, Hodder Headline Australia)
By Mem Fox and illustrated by Leslie Staub

Age Group: 5-8 years
Topics: difference and belonging

A beautiful, colourful story that acknowledges differences, while celebrating how many ways we are the same. Can be used to talk about any differences, especially racial, ethnicity and culture.



4. Giraffes Can’t Dance (2000, Oxford Books)
By Giles Andrede and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

Age Group: 4-9 years
Topics: anxiety, feelings, difference, friends and emotional regulations skills

A story of differences, acceptance, and finding the path /song that fits you. All about making room for difference, accepting yourself, accepting others’ differences and individual strengths.




5. How to take the GRRR out of anger(2003,Free Spirit Publishing)
By Elizabeth Verdick & Marjorie Lisovskis

Age Group: 8-12
Topics: anger, feelings, problem solving, and emotional regulation skills

This book uses cartoons and short sections of text organised under clear headings, so it is easy to just find the part that is relevant, or to read the whole book. Different
strategies for coping with anger appropriately, relaxing, and information to help understand anger. As this is in a short novel format, it can be used with older teens.




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