Under the Spotlight: The Importance of Feedback


Why is regular feedback to a child’s or teenager’s parent or caregiver important?

At Kudos, our team of allied health practitioners work with a range of children, young people and their families to deliver the best possible service to enable them to achieve positive outcomes.

An important part of the job of all our therapists is to be in regular communication with the parents and caregivers of the children and young people we work with to ensure we are achieving their goals.

We sat down with one of our Service Leads, and Senior Occupational Therapist Beth, who shared why feedback is so important in her role and what this might look like.

“At Kudos Therapy (aged 7+) much of our work is done within the school environment. It is vital that we provide feedback to a child’s support network following sessions to ensure they feel involved in their therapy and confident to support their progress towards their goals. Often feedback will be shared with a young person’s caregiver as well as their teacher. Feedback can include anything from observations during the sessions, advice on how to work on skills at home or plans for future skill development. Our therapy sessions are usually held once a fortnight, which means it is really important a child’s support network feels empowered to be able to support them at other times.”