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Elaine Nash

Non-executive Director


Elaine is a Non-Executive Director and member of the Governance & Risk Committee.

I had the pleasure of being elected by Members to the Board at the inaugural AGM, held in October 2019. Since then, I have been involved in key projects, such as the development of our Clinical Governance Framework and Strategic Plan, and the Chair of the 2021 Director Nominations Committee.

I served as Manager, NDIS Strategy for Child and Youth Services (CYS) in the years before CYS exited the SA Government, then formed Kudos Services as Australia’s first Public Service Employee Mutual. It was with great interest that I observed the formation of this beautiful organisation, rich with a spirit of excellence in the allied health professionals who were, alongside other passionate people, and continue to be the heart of this innovative organisation. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the membership and be a part of Kudos.

As a Kudos Board member, I bring a wealth of experience in allied health practice in the disability sector and business acumen. I am a social worker by profession and have over three decades of experience working primarily in the disability sector in operational and strategic leadership roles. I was instrumental in managing the South Australian trial of the NDIS in CYS and in supporting CYS to become a fee-for-service provider. I have an MBA, operate my own consultancy, and currently a full-time PhD candidate at the University of South Australia Business School, focusing on intellectual disability and employment. I am interested in how innovation in business models can help solve wicked social problems.

I believe the future of Kudos to be very bright, as we continually develop and grow in our mutuality and our excellence in service provision to our community of clients. I believe we will continue to be known for our innovation, shared vision, and ability to make a difference in the lives of the people we work with. I am proud to be a part of making this happen.

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